Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stressed Out - Bullets Flyin' / Jazzy Wit Da' Joint

Dope indy released in 1995 on Radical Records. I love this 12". Each side has a different vibe. "Bullets Flyin'" is a rough ra-ra beat to make you throw your guns in the air, while "Jazzy Wit Da' Joint" is a smooth head nodder that will have you waving blunts in the air. I prefer the latter. This is the Promo release and differs from the other two copies (commercial release & picture disc) I've seen online. If you want to know more about this 12", then check in with the good guys over at Vinyl Addicts who provide a nice write up for this record, and many others you've never heard or laid eyes upon.

Stressed Out - Jazzy Wit Da' Joint

Stressed Out - Bullets Flyin'


Jaz said...

You just keep hitting us off with ill 90's joints, please come and join up T.R.O.Y. at

qnzgrimiest said...

bullets flyin is mad gangsta, that beat has a real grimy feel to it, what got what was the horns and bassline, keep it up, and i love those drums, real rugged and raw.

Anonymous said...

Good to know Ya'll enjoyed Bullets Flying and Jazzy...Me and Soul Kid produced that track back in 93'...We had other ill beatz that never made it to the press. We liked the grimy raw beat feeling...For those Beatmakerz stay true to your rhythms and don't go with what's hot out there.

Peace "GEO"

Anonymous said...

Port Chester Up The Way Represent...914