Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nitebreed (The Prince of Darkness) - Meditations On Death / Son Of Set / I Spit Upon Your Grave

By request, here's a relatively unknown 12" that I came upon a few months ago, Nitebreed aka The Prince of Darkness. I immediately thought of the other Night Breed on Charlemagne's Fortress Entertainment label, but this is nothing of the sort. Dark evil subject matter is the flavor here. If you dig the Gravediggaz, Flatlinerz, Necro or Esham then you'll probably want this. In fact, they diss the Gravediggaz on "I Spit Upon Your Grave" which features The Gravenigguhz. They call out all the "fake demonic niggas, talkin' a lotta bullshit about being back from the grave" and even mention a "grave digga" during the track. This record had to be made around '94-'98, when the Gravediggaz were making noise. Dope production and breaks used on all three tracks. Released on Reality Check Entertainment out of the 718, so I believe these cats are from New York. If you're feeling this, then you may like The Death LP that was posted earlier on my blog.

Nitebreed - Meditations On Death

Nitebreed - Son Of Set

Nitebreed - I Spit Upon Your Grave


Anonymous said...

this one is wack u better choose 93-96 singles 2 add like mudd and ace d ducey those are dope

staybent said...

i was fulfilling a request :) i'll continue posting the hot shit. thanks for checkin'!

Anonymous said...

Actually it isnt that bad
I really like son of set

pz and thanks againg for sharing!

LaSenSii said...

Daamnn it.. the diss track "Nitebreed - I Spit Upon Your Grave" is very Dooooopeeee... MAN I NEED THIS RECORD.....DO U TRADE THIS ? IF YES.. SEND ME AT MISTER-CARTOON@HOTMAIL.FR ur wantlist.


Brakkbacda said...

Respect Nuff !



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's too bad that the zshare link is broken. Any chance of replacing it?

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