Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ace C Ducey - Pop Ya Trunks

Here's another hard one to track down, released in 1994 by Roebuck Records out of Philly. Around the same time, Masta Ace was rolling in a jeep with a cock diesel system. In contrast, Mr. Ducey was pushing a hatchback. Reminds me of high school. Herbs telling me I should throw a couple 10" woofers in my Honda CRX. Whatever. This record is DOPE. It was a time when the focus was on the kind of stereo system you had, rather than the kind of whip you were pushing. Booming speakers trumped all. Prep-A-Red lends a hand with the vocals. Will fit well in any mid-90's upbeat mix. POP YA TRUNKS!

Ace C Ducey - Pop Ya Trunks

Ace C Ducey - Pop Ya Trunks (Instrumental)


Jaz said...

word this is some great mid 90's dopeness, thanks for upping this.

rawoutlaw said...

more posts like this and mudd .that's the style nodoby cant increase 93-96 realeast muzic

prep-a-red said...

Yo I dont know how yall got your hands on this but thats whats up. YES, THIS IS THE REAL PREP-A-RED and Im still killing Mics. ck me out now at and see what Im doin now and where my upcomin shows are. Ace C ducey is now Azim with a whole new music buiz Co. starting. I am working w "Get the word Out" and promoting new artists and having showcases almost every month. CK OUT THE NEW FLAVOR. also we may have a few of these old records still around. Either way come on through HA HAA!

Anonymous said...

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