Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maja League - Organized Crime / Guard U Now / Shine Like The Sun

Incredibly dope 12" released in 1997 on the indy label, Southeast Entertainment. A-side's the winner here, but the flip holds it's own too. Four producers, Eric "Time Bomb" Jordan, Charles "4/4" Billups, Torey "The Incredible Cae Gotcha" Thorpe, and Darrel Monroe, lay the beats for three man team to come through and smash 'em. RUGGED N' RUGGED NY INDY. Nearly passed this over thinking it was a Major League Entertainment 12" (Cash Brown, Tribeca). Only wish I had a cleaner copy. Haven't seen many clips of this floating around the net, so enjoy!

Maja League - Organized Crime

Maja League - Guard U Now

Maja League - Shine Like The Sun


Jaz said...

I haven't been able to stop playing "Guard U Now" that sample is too ill.

Anonymous said...

Word!! I can only follow the words of JAZ....Guard u now is craaaazy! Really Dope '12. That Beat will stay one of sicknest eva! Real n*ggaz do REAL Thing! Peace
H-I-G-H-T-O-W-E-R From BNC

Chason said...

sealed copy on discogs right now

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Fantastic record, I until recently became aware of this band, these guys are very talented.

Anonymous said...

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