Friday, October 12, 2007

Troubleneck Brothers - Release Me EP

Online info tells me that this EP was released in 1994, but my record sleeve says 1993. Bronx natives the Troubleneck Brothers are most commonly known for their CLASSICS "Back to Hip Hop" or "Troubleneck Wreck," both of which had videos on BET. They released a few singles on StepSun Entertainment only to fade into obscurity due to label politricks. A familiar story with a lot of dope hip hop from the era. These cats were RUGGED & RAW. My pick is the title track "Release Me" (the Gunslingers) which sets the EP off with that familiar grimey & gritty sound. The "streets is real, gotta stay strapped" is the message here. "85 Live" slows it down as they reflect on their youth. Another great track.

On the flip you're hit with "But I'm A Lax" a track which is a tribute to their deceased brothers and those still maintaining in the hood surviving the game. They're stressing to remain calm rather than get hyped about nonsense. Reminds me of some DJ Quik production from the same era. Smooth stuff. Everyday it's the same ol' thing, cause I don't know what the next day might bring (But, I'ma Lax) I wanna rest my head, before I end up dead. "862" is another laid back track. I believe 862 is the block they grew up on in the Bronx and they're showing love to their brothers from around the way.

Another hard one to track down right here. Promo only. These dudes have been labeled "East Coast Hardcore" by many so it's nice to see 'em slow it down a bit on this. Still, the joint here for me is the upbeat BANGER "Release Me." Makes me wanna body someone. WHAT! WHAT! ;)

Troubleneck Brothers - Release Me

Troubleneck Brothers - 85 Live

Troubleneck Brothers - But I'm A Lax

Troubleneck Brothers - 862


Jerry said...

Troubleneck Brothers - Release Me -- broken link..

fix dat! :)

staybent said...

Whoa! Thanks.

I wanna hear this out...

kamagra said...

Thank you for the download links, it is so frustrating when bloggers speak about how great is an album and they don't post at least a song to listen to and verify.

Anonymous said...

These cats where from east Harlem not the Bronx