Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raw Footage - The Final Call / Stay Tuned

The crew is Raw Footage and I believe this is their only release. As you can see, the label gives ya nothing. I think it was released in '97 or '98, but on the B-side they preface the first verse with "for the '96 shot. Pressed up by the New Jersey Electronic label, SOM Underground. Sub-label is EMO. The dope intro sets it off with a nice verse over a simple smooth beat. "The Final Call" was one of my favorite mixtapes joints at the time. "Last days/Illuminati" rap is the flavor. Goes well with a copy of Behold a Pale Horse. On a Boogiemonsters type tip. On the flip, they're calling out fake mc, Versace wearing, John Gotti wannabes. Also, what could be a reference to the Boot Camp Clik on "Stay Tuned".

You came to play in the game of last days
For all frauds
Actin all hard from Punktown
Thinkin' they the shit now
Fuck all the drama
Some n*ggas pack armor to regulate
These falsified mindstates
Of these rappers who think they're gunclappers and criminals
But that lifestyle is minimal

Perhaps, referencing "Bucktown" home of the Originoo Gun Clappaz? That verse was penned in '96, so it would be around the time that BCC was making noise. Then again, it could be aimed at anyone, as this was the flavor of so many underground records being released at that time.

Jersey heads, any info on these dudes? And who did the beats!? Holler!

Raw Footage - Intro

Raw Footage - The Final Call

Raw Footage - Stay Tuned


Jerry said...

Keep em coming! Props to a crate diggin king!

neilcarter42 said...

feel like i'm listenin to an old 88 tape up in here

qnzgrimiest said...

i wish they made an album, the final call is hot, i heard it for the first time in one of the underground hip hop for dummies compilations, but the winner for me is stay tuned, that beat has a real dark hypnotic feel to it, its something u would hear on a real dark movie or somethin, i didn't realize they were takin shots at boot camp click until u broke it down, and the intro has an ill beat to it too, peace.

Aiky said...

this is fuckin great bro, i'am from south america and its impossible to get muzik like this.


utmosty said...

's up guys...
I think it's produced by SCOTT WEATHERWAX on both of tracks.
IT's came on 97 from SOM/EMO RECORDINGDS.

I Love this tune....

Stay focus y'all


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Elliott Broidy said...

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