Saturday, October 13, 2007

Harlem High Records - Downlow "Hands On Ya Pumpz" / "Buddah Nation" feat. Downlow, Zhigge, Figures Of Speech, Ghetto Dwellers & Nadine

Another mid-90's sleeper, off of Harlem High Records. Downlow repping Brooklyn are taking no shorts on this 12". They run all over this hot beat produced by Milo Johnson with the familiar Cypress Hill sample in the hook. UK connection as Milo Johnson/DJ Milo is an OG member of Massive Attack and The Wild Bunch. I've got a "Friends & Countrymen" 12" lying around here somewhere from The Wild Bunch and it's a dope joint, so it's not surprising he laced these cats from NYC. On the double A-side were hit with a ridiculous posse cut, "Buddah Nation." They expound about joys of puffing trees. Reminds me of college. They smoke this track (lame pun intended) for nearly 6 minutes. Another head nodder. Engineered by old school hip hop pioneer, Brooklyn's own Cutmaster DC and a dude named Greg. Mixed at D & D Studios. BLAZIN'! (another lame pun :)

Downlow - Hands On Ya Pumpz

Buddah Nation feat. Downlow, Zhigge, Figures Of Speech, Ghetto Dwellers & Nadine


Jaz said...

Word I remember this, Buddah Nation was dope thanks stay bent.

I was never a fan of Handz on The Pumpz though.

Anonymous said...

Buddah Nation aka Proof is in the 'Puddin, still class though.

Anonymous Rap Junkie, Dublin. said...

Nice blog... Lovin your stuff.