Thursday, March 6, 2008

Foxxx-N-Mayhem - 9 Ways To Get Loot / I Could Never Die

Lately, I've been digging this grimey New Jersey rap 12" released by Foxxx-N-Mayhem on Warlock Records in 1998. "9 Ways To Get Loot" is the sure shot banger here. Gutter raps about getting cream. Love the piano, horns, and drums on this one. "I Could Never Die" sounds sinister with haunting pianos and a growling voice. Scary. Butch Whip provides the hot beats. Many of you may be familiar with his production on Milkbone's album. This can be found for relatively cheap, so if it's in the dollar bin, don't hesitate to grab.

Foxxx-N-Mayhem - 9 Ways To Get Loot

Foxxx-N-Mayhem - I Could Never Die

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Aiky said...

Yo bro tahnk for the muzik , here in south america it's impossible to get this,,,,

I'd like to know if you could upload teh entire cd, instru, raaw radio, etc

it would be great