Thursday, March 6, 2008

Da Phlayva - Why Ask Why / Triple Threat Power

Continuing with rap records that replace "The" with "Da," I gladly bring you, Da Phlayva, straight out the rap hotbed of North Carolina. Yup. This great 12" was released in 1994 on Vertical Records and distributed by the more familiar, Solar Records. Promo only, I believe. The label was headed by the same guys responsible for NuSouth clothing. I remember the ads in rap magazines. Upon first listen, I instantly recognized the tracks from old college radio (WRAS 88.5) mixtapes, yet I had never known the name of the group. The A-side beat is handled by Robert Dyches and the B-side is blessed by James Wizard and Da Phlayva. Excellent production on both. Definitive '94 sounds. They also have an album, Phlayva 4 Dem All, that I've never come across. Dig it!

Da Phlayva - Why Ask Why

Da Phlayva - Triple Threat Power


Anonymous said...

They are from Charleston, South Carolina. They were Charleston's first Hip Hop group signed to a major label.

Anonymous said...

Da Phlayva will be back soon. The group will represent Charleston and finally let everyone know what Charleston has to offer. These guys were trailblazers and did things in hip hop way before it became the thing to do.

clubba lang said...

I went to school with a hung with these cats in Charleston back when they dropped this. Yup definitely from Charleston(Burke High School). Even though I went to school with them,they were idols of mine,and were an influence of mine in Hip Hop. Herm-Yes(Herman),emcee, was cool as f*ck.Same goes for all of em'. I remember being a lil cat going to Wiz's crib(he has thousands and thousands of records)and just sitting in on their sessions.Matter of fact,Wiz was the first to record my voice(wasn't emceeing yet...but he let me do dome shout outs). If anyone hears anything bout any of these dudes..holla at me please.


Anonymous said...

Why does NC get credit for everything SC does/has?

Anonymous said...

phlayva 4 dem all for good internet

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I hate hip hop, it's repetitive and boring, only brainless people can enjoy this piece of crap.

bigfamily said...

I was fortunate to hear the CD in 94. Dudes had beats delivery and lyrics
Suprisrd they didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

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